Monday, November 29, 2004

Late but still great

Quiz me! I got five, Bill four. I saw an episode of SITC on TBS and, forgiving the editing for language, it wasn't very good. Anyone out there like the program? Why?

Beats standing in the bushes arranging them by hand

Express ticket to Hell, please. This is good fun and they have two designs. It takes away some of the scrabble challenge of working with only what is already on the board though.
"Are you ready for the reckoning? Svces. 10 and noon Pastor Inqvist."

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Holy Grail located, tested, verified and used by several persons to perform Vatican recognized miracles

Stop the presses ! And not those lame miracles where a sick person gets better by praying to some beatified missonary. Dead are being resurrected, limbs regenerated, swimming pool water into Pepsi.
Oh, wait. It seems I, and about 60 news agencies, are just a little ahead of ourselves about that Grail thing.
More to the point there is a new convoluted interpretation of an 18th century puzzle on a memorial in England. What is remarkable is simply that it is getting tepid aknowledgement instead of frosty jealousy from other grail scholars.
I hope Mr. Brown sells as many more books as these organs sell papers on this weak news.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Venture Brothers

I adknowlege that the click through page sucks. but this is a pretty fine write up on a series that has really come on strong. Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick, is a sometime writer.

New show

I'm home with the boys today. Preston has been working on his show. It involves signs that say "show" and "no show" and basically consists of him hopping and doing several hundred donkey kicks at me. The narrative that runs through the show is educational and informative if you don't know much about dinosaurs. And I'm told it will be "really really cute."
"It's called 'Nightmare Before Darkness.'"
"Is that cute?"
"Well, there are cute animals in it."


Pirate Puzzles It's been a pirate week here and Jon Wentz just sent me this link of rowdy pirate fun!

Monday, November 22, 2004

No time to waste? Who are you kidding

This rules The guy in the background that tosses to you is my favorite part.

Rotten kid takes my spot in dream vehicle

Weiner! I entered this contest and I think I had a pretty good chance of winning with my entry but this article is the first time that I see the qualification that this is a contest "for kids." That may have disqualified me.
At least I can still hope that to catch a lift in St. Paul's famous Menorahmobile next month.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Donde es le Discotheque?

Danzapithicus If you are checking your creationist scorecard go ahead and mark off the talking point about never having found a missing link.

The Ring, it's pretty scary

I bet the sequel will be also If you are planning to catch a movie that may be too intense try watching it with your nine month old baby. Sure, it may eventually be scarring for the baby but the frequent giggling and occasional drool-wetted fingers fingers probing your mouth will help dissapate the tension you would othewise endure.

Monday, November 15, 2004

People making a difference. Oops.

Oh, what a tangl'd web's our fault,
when first we practice to de-salt.

Earthquakes made to order

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Good Morning. Let's get to work

Call payroll to set up an automatic transfer half to the ACLU and half to the Sierra Club Don't worry about keeping some money for food and lodging. They'll provide that in the internment facilities.
Seriously, if you haven't been active before it's time to get to work. You can at least write some checks to support these groups that are dedicated to protecting our rights and the environment.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stolen Honor

I get the feeling that Mr. Sherwood is unclear on the meaning of "specious" and "histrionics", or he might be spinning like Bill McNeal when he was overflowing with adequacisity.

More specious histrionics.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Call the attorney

Harvey Birdman,Attorney at Law If I had an all cartoon network I'd show teh same episode over and over all night tomorrow also.

Can't knock the free technology

Well, it's free. PART ONE:MOZILLA HERE! I am trying this Firefox browser on one of the machines at home and I'm pretty impressed. There are a couple of things that are goofy, like the way it handles the part of this site with the links that are usually over there to the right. They end up on top but I am assured a little beef can be added to the code to make that work. The best thing is that unlike Opera it is lean and attractive. It is also not designed to pump advertising into the skin even though the trial install is equally free. That little marketing detour will keep me off Opera for a while.
PART TWO: GOOGLE KEEPS GETTING IT RIGHT. Blogger is now offering to hook me and any of us blog types up with an Adsense account that pays for each click off of the site. That's pretty cool. I get a free blog, they stop forcing advertising onto my page shortly thereafter, and then they offer that if I opt in for ads I get a cut. I hope that's a big success. Adsense code may also be available for my friends on Salon and LiveJournal.
PART THREE: TEEN TITANS RULES It's not free technology but as long as I a going geeked out fanboy I may as well go all the way. Great cartoon and the music is the best part.