Friday, August 31, 2007

Get into the Quiz Biz

Quiz me!

Ok, it's last week's quiz but I think that means you'll do even better because you've had longer to study.

Bill did this one on time so there's your edge. He got a 5 and was done in by UK academia and Estonian drunks.

I got 4 because, among other failings, I cannot suspend disbelief at what British people are willing to call their towns and universities.

Friday, August 17, 2007

People the world over are dying, climbing or finding trees, and otherwise occupying their existence by trying to build, eat or escape from stuff.

Quiz me!

Congratulations to Bill who gets a 7!

If you think you can beat him you'll need this extra credit point:
How did Scott do?
a)He got 4 because he has an imperfect understanding of the very wealthy and the very desperate to get out of China.
b)He got a 2 because wild-assed guessing combined with only reading the science page is not a potent quiz preparation regimen.
c)He got 5 because he happened to be watching E! News last night and saw that Matt Damon sound bite.
d) 7, in your face Bill.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Barack, Sarkozy, zodiacal, Stadnyk and bowel loosening in India

This week I should have let Cinky, take the quiz for me. Welcome back Cinky!
Quiz me!
Bill got a 6. "Foiled by the oddities of Indian crimonology."

I got a 1. Ouch. Miserable. I'm going back into my cave now.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm like Pavlog's dog, but for backyard parabolic reflectors

I cooked the chicken as our ancestors had, wrapped to a ten-foot piece of conduit, poised above a thousand-watt solar oven.

Reading this lengthy article about building your own aluminum-smelter-quality solar oven using a 1980's tv dish and some mirrors from Target I just kept thinking that I have to keep this guy from ever meeting up with Dr. Tag.

In addition to the dazzling demolition of Jiffy Pop and other things he destroys with cleansing heat, be sure to follow the links to see inquiries into the workings of Coke cans, Goldschlager and other fine science.

Critically, if this guy ever figures out a couple of basic construction techniques, and bothers with the described, but abandoned, focusing protocols we're all in for a very hot summer.

Stealing the North Pole with my mini-subs

Quiz me!

Bill scores a 7. Way to know it all.

I got 3. I thought I was a better guesser but overthought it.

Just a day with the guys

There are hilarious little illustrations hotlinked through each episode like Dr. Johnson and I worked on the mini-sub the rest of that afternoon.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Showbiz Pizza: Where a kid can be a kid

Jaw dropping.
Be sure to check his other videos, including how they were programmed.