Friday, November 30, 2007

I miss Big Brother Africa

Quiz me! A solid six for Bill. What can that mean? Well, you'll need some history.

Our story so far...

After months of perfect scores there was the stumble 10/19. His Zola Budd was a lump of metal and an Australian. Some observers looked past the news to blame hubris and a transferrance of his Anglophilic surfing habits to the Guardian's Minute by Minute Soccer Blog. A compulsion that kept him from his usual consumption of proper BBC headlines.

After a week of anticipation, Bill came roaring back two weeks ago with a perfect 7. Did this portend the return of the dynasty? Was this confirmation of his domination or a fluttering gasp from a reign in decline? The co-incidence of Scott's being out of the office kept this potential watershed from the public eye.
Quiz me!

And here's last week's quiz which was quietly buried by tacit agreement among the comissioners when Bill got a 4 and was just glad to have gotten the dead fish question right.
Quiz me!

I got a 4 this week and no one really cares what I got on the rest.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Lush, scaly, and French.

Quiz me!

I got a mere 3, although I was close on several.

Bill and I both missed the Sarkozy one and the dessert.
He got 4.

That's right.. You see your chance, now go for it.

And it is snowing in Minneapolis.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Drink water, get plenty of sleep and take your weekly quiz.

Quiz me!

Aha! I got 7. Unbelievablly good guesses and I saw the 60 minutes interview with Sarko.
And I sewed a button on my lumberjack shirt on the way in to work.
What a great day!

Of course, I did not beat Bill, merely tied him.

So here's the tie breaker for all of you aces, Civic literacy.
Here are your benchmarks, in birth order; America's future, the Graham boys, and me. Bill will need to submit his in the comments.

Lamar = 90% (54)
Eric = 83.3% (50)
Scott Fares = 80% (48)
High school seniors =53.2% (32)

Gripes: I disagree with their answer for #58 and I totally mismarked the Monroe doctrine.