Friday, February 13, 2004

Um, Nothing from Bill so here is the BBC quiz I made up for this week.

1. South Korean scientists announced that they have successfully replicated this in the lab.
a. Kim Jong Il, Madman
b. Human embryos for stem cell research
c. Another sheep, but faster and cheaper than our whisky soaked Scottish scientists.
d. Pretty much all of your credit card information and PIN, see you in Tahiti

2. The BBC lost two important members of our organization this week when:
a. They accidentally ate British food.
b. It was discovered that they had stowed away as observers on the Martian explorer, "Beagle"
c. They resigned after the Hutton report shewed that the BBC made unfounded charges against Tony Blair over Iraq
d. Tinky Winky and Dipsy emigrated to Massachusetts, America and were married in a brief civil ceremony

3. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Cranmont Whynn-Davies, found our production of these to have risen by a thousand million units in the last fiscal quarter.
a. Humourous colouring books
b. Punk teens and charming eccentrics
c. Lorry Tyres
d. Labour saving devices

4. George W. Bush selected which of these people for a committee to investigate the intelligence leading up to the Iraq war.
a. Himself
b. Former CIA Director George H. W. Bush
c. Arizona Senator John McCain
d. Hugh Matmbe, the winner of Big Brother Africa

5. Embattled Disney CEO, Michael Eisner was planning to address stockholders at a meeting in the Magic Kingdom when he heard of this unsettling development.
a. Comcast's takeover bid at .78 share of CMCSA for each share of DIS would leave him a mere multi-billionaire
b. John Lassater had not rolled over and died even after he paid a voodoo guy to put a whammy on him
c. Buzz and Woody had gotten married in a brief ceremony in Boston over the weekend
d. Primary results showed that they had just wasted forty thousand dollars developing an animatronic Dennis Kucinich

How did you do?
2-Stiff upper
More like Besucked
I saw the Harold Ramis remake of Bedazzled this week. Good lord did it suck. On every level.
Even with my expectations set to "really low" it stupefied me with it's inability to entertain It must have had fifteen writers who started with the premise that they'd done a pretty good job adapting Judge Dredd and who skipped watching the original and worked from the IMDB capsule to write the script. There was not one gag that was not DOA. I can't begin to hate this movie enough, hating it is keeping me from doing laundry.
While I am hating Brendan Frasier movies let me also save you the pain of viewing these turds:
Monkey Bone-Vomitous
Mummy II-Insipid
Dudley Do Right (which I haven't even seen)
George of the Jungle-Not as much insulting as vapid

I hear that Gods and Monsters was fantastic and I liked him in the bomb shelter one so all he needs is an Ian McKellen or Christopher Walken on board to make better movies.

Monday, February 02, 2004

New Palm stuff. I go the MP3kit for the very useful Zire71. It takes along time to sync music and I have no idea how long a damn 3 hour and 7 minue book from will take. It bodes ill for a future in which I sit and wish I was listening to records.