Monday, November 01, 2004

Can't knock the free technology

Well, it's free. PART ONE:MOZILLA HERE! I am trying this Firefox browser on one of the machines at home and I'm pretty impressed. There are a couple of things that are goofy, like the way it handles the part of this site with the links that are usually over there to the right. They end up on top but I am assured a little beef can be added to the code to make that work. The best thing is that unlike Opera it is lean and attractive. It is also not designed to pump advertising into the skin even though the trial install is equally free. That little marketing detour will keep me off Opera for a while.
PART TWO: GOOGLE KEEPS GETTING IT RIGHT. Blogger is now offering to hook me and any of us blog types up with an Adsense account that pays for each click off of the site. That's pretty cool. I get a free blog, they stop forcing advertising onto my page shortly thereafter, and then they offer that if I opt in for ads I get a cut. I hope that's a big success. Adsense code may also be available for my friends on Salon and LiveJournal.
PART THREE: TEEN TITANS RULES It's not free technology but as long as I a going geeked out fanboy I may as well go all the way. Great cartoon and the music is the best part.