Sunday, May 14, 2006

12:20 am St Louis, near the source

If David Sanborn and the memebrs of Spyrogyra got together and decided to brew beer using only their knowlege of Jazz and purposefully avoiding any good ideas they had about the brewing process they may have picked up in life, focusing only on making a really bad beer, they could not match this stuff for sheer odiousness I have drunk Budweiser Select so you don't have to. Good lord is this shitty. It tastes like H2Oh! canned water with a hint of pressboard. The label reveals it to be a suspicious 99 calories. At least Bud Light makes you belch and pee. This stuff makes me think about tucking my shirt into my shorts while wearing a belt and playing golf with three other assholes. I'll have trouble sleeping tonight knowing that I can stay up a few more minutes to hate Budweiser Select.