Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nixon: Our 42nd Best President

W is a thug and I've been saying so for years I woke up at 5 am today for a road trip and saw the USA Today in a vending machine somewhere in Wisconsin around 9. Domestic spying and invasion of privacy is all I've been thinking about since. Fortunately for the family Renee does all the driving. We have a division of labor in which she drives and I fret about the constitution and we both do the laundry as needed.
This is getting close to being the second time I have had a dream become reality. My recurring vision for years has been to wake up, drink some coffee and open the paper to find that W and his cronies have been busted red-handed for something, anything.
But so far it's just made for page after page of business as usual in this age of thuggery. But today's revelation of the NSA's activities is getting tantalizingly close.
(If you are wondering, the other time I brought reality a gift from the other side resulted in the creation of a notable cocktail; "Mr Roarke with a Tatu Back.")
It was really pleasant to see USA TODAY take this one, although a pie chart would have been a nice addition.
"INFOGRAPHIC: Who are the biggest telecom whores ready to sell you out for sweetheart government contracts?"

I'd also like to point out that in addition to the excellent customer service I've enjoyed over the years, Qwest offers a discount for bundled services. As ana dded bonus, for no additional fee they won't roll over when threatened by a corrupt and power-mad administration. Way to go Qwest and your crack team of
Australian lawyers!


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