Friday, July 08, 2005

I can't believe they even had golf on the list

I'd like to see a year where all they do is hang from those rings If you have been in a room with me you have probably heard that I like my Olympics sports just the way they are. I'm like the Amish that way. Pick a year and stick to it. Although to clarify, my year is 1972, well after the invention of buttons. In addition, I don't support sports involving animals or any technology that can be differentiated from another competitor. Neither equestian or NASCAR events should be Olympic events. Everyone gets the same bow, sled, or shot put in my world.
I was originally against baseball as a competition for the same reasons this group seems to have booted it but I'd actually have voted to keep it since there are many nations playing on their own time and ,more to the point, there are no professional athletes crossing over to screw it up like basketball. Olympic baseball seems to work despite MLB and their 'roided up selves. Softball, I'd like to say the same for soft ball, and I will when another country fields a team for a reason other than the Olympics.
I would also like them to go back to the summer/winter in the same year rotation where I could count on election, olympics, and leap year all at once.
Maybe they could have a coupole of other sets and have the summer or winter games every six years by adding a slot for something like Live 8. I know I'd be psyched for 20 days of Lou Reed.


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