Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Karl, Karl Bo Barl-The Plame Game

If you like your source so much why not have them join you? Somewhere in the bowels of the White House there is a young ensign in a red shirt who is realizing too late that when Cheney sent him, Rove and Dr McCoy the planet to leak some CIA agent's name that it wasn't going to end well.
That's my take. This could be the beginning of a giant flameout and someone is just trying to get ahead of the spinning mess but, it's not. I'm pretty sure that this mysterious friend of Matthew Cooper, who is not named Rove or Gonzales, is going to take one for the team and compartmentalize the treason. Shortly after this becomes public record we'll then hear that the source had been "behaving erratically," probably seeing a psychiatrist and likely on medication.
I am all for protecting a source and I am also behind the court's decision in a case that may have exposed a CIA agent to assasination. Why though is Novak walking the streets? What is it that makes outing Valerie Plame his job and lets him pass the blame to his confidential source?


Blogger Jeff said...

My understanding is that, since Novak is not one to whom classified information was officially entrusted, his dissemination of that information is not a crime. Rather, it's the person who gave it to him. However, it's ridiculous that he is walking the streets when Judith Miller is sitting in jail.

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