Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The stormy weather brings me new inspiration much to your chagrin.

This was the forecast the Strib emailed yesterday. (PD is Paul Douglas.)

SLIGHT SEVERE STORM RISK AGAIN LATER TODAY. Sticky sun at times, humid, with more strong to severe storms flaring up later in the day (best chance far western and southern Minnesota)...a few rough storms linger into Wednesday as well. Cooler, more comfortable sunshine returns on Thursday and Friday (highs in the upper 70s). A few more storms are possible from late Saturday into the 4th of July as highs warm into the low 80s, just warm enough for the pool or lake. - PD -

These jumped out at me.
Apologies in advance...
Back to Hazelden.

Paul Douglas Haiku
Star Tribune weather.

Sticky sun at times,
With more strong to severe storms
Flaring up later.


Slight severe storm risk
With more strong to severe storms
Best chance west and south.


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