Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"The Smoking Gun" of Thermosensors

I'm glad he's not a veterinarian I have to fix the dishwasher. I like fixing things but I know that fixing a dishwasher is what Dante saw lawyers doing in the fifth circle of hell. Before starting my usual postmodern repair routine I decided to figure the angles.
I read through the manual five times in English and once in Espanol. Then I spent a couple of hours online looking for anecdotes, official information and other clews. Then a half hour with Kenmore waranty service and then non-warranty service getting a 65.00 quote on just having a tech out to do a diagnosis. Parts and labor were undetermined but certain to put me into the new dishwasher zone.
Due dilligence completed I was braced for action. I started deconstruction from the bottom up. The second piece I took off had the secret instructions marked "for repair technician only" in a plastic envelope taped to the inside of it. Page three contained the box explaining my precise issue and solution.
So I went looking for the part and found this guys site. He loves to fix appliances. I am adding it to the links list over on the right there. The Oregon weather report with each entry is a bonus.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

That's pretty damn handy of you! I usually just dive in to those kinds of things until I break them badly enough to justify getting a new one.

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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