Thursday, February 17, 2005

News flash: British Scientists also missing 66 pounds of Anti-plutonium

Best viewed with the anti-Internet Explorer -6.0 or lower So I'm hopping around looking to figure out how large a 66 pound wad of Pu is going to be and I hit this site. "Cool," I think, "This will be really handy when I, hey wait a minute, anti-water and anti-rocks? This is only going to be handy if I ever forget to put "Anti-" in front of everything in the anti-universe. That's about as likely as forgetting to say "bizzaro-" before the name of everything in Bizarro Universe. Look, a periodic table of the anti-elements! Or is it a "periodic anti-table?" In Bizarro Universe it would be a "continuum of elements" I suppose.
Anyway. The best part is down at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for work you may be tempted to check out the Opportuities link UNLESS you are looking for something more exciting than some physics lab. Then you'd use the Dangers link.

Don't worry too much about the dangers, as the intrepid author of this site is looking out for you. "I have written NASA Office of Space Science and had discussions with NASA’s personnel. They have a general understand; but unfortunately, they don’t comprehend a 16,000-megaton explosion with a comet. I have request NASA cancel the Deep Impact launch scheduled for December 30, 2004."
That didn't help. It was launched. So, what do we have to look forward to this summer when the Deep Impact hits?
"After years of the terror and destruction, only several thousand people will survive around the world; and mankind will be driven back to living as caveman. If Atlantis is used as an example, mankind will take over twelve thousand years to recover. "
Man, that sucked the first time, you know, back in Atlantis days.


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