Monday, March 14, 2005

For whom the toll...ah forget it

I'm retiring my paintball gun I still think that it is institutional oppression of the working poor but I have found one benefit to the toll lanes on 394. I get more reasons to yell "Suckers" out the window as I cruise by in my fly carpool.
Currently a cheater, if they get caught, will pay $115. Never happens. On the new tollway it goes up to $130 and enforcement has been significantly increased, according to this STRIB article.
When I see those single drivers in the diamond lane I can still consider them cheaters but I will know that they signed up to be electronically fined by the mile for their every transgression against the all-beneficent MnDOT. Suckers. Nickels and dimes will be dripping from the tags on their mirrors increasing the weight of the 2.15 a gallon they shoulder alone. I bet they buy new release DVDs, too.
If solo drivers don't pay for their indulgences the man will paste them for $130 a stop. And he will be there, because now the diamond lane is a capitalist revenue stream instead of a tree-hugging, socalist utopia.
It's an imperfect world and the tollway is a flawed solution but if it sticks it to the brutes everyday in small amounts and ups the ante on the 1 in 5 sheer jerkfaces that are always available to try and freeride I'm a little pleased. Every time I see the law making a stop I'll be asking Renee to slow down so that I can gawk.
I hope they get Dick Day R-Owatonna, one way or another.


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