Friday, December 29, 2006

Who dead?

Quiz me! It looks like the celebrity trifecta will be Jerry, James and Saddam. Here's the only Year in Review today from the BBC, a roundup of the famous but now dead of 2006.
In news of death lies opportunity. Bill 6 Scott 7!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike - 7. Somehow blanked on the question "Which brutal revolutionary zealot had a poster of another brutal revolutionary zealot?"

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

7! Not too bad.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Mr. Wentz said...

7 as well.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

8! I am thrilled. And this may answer the presing question of what to do next with my profesional life: mortuary science.

2:40 PM  

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