Thursday, January 19, 2006

Speaking of noodles

for chrissakes, buy a damn rod I'm watching a fascinating PBS special on Noodling, or Handfishing in which a naked hick will submerge for several minutes in murky water and, using his own fingers as bait, grab giant catfish by the mouth. Essentially they are grabbing them FROM THE INSIDE! I am sure it's a healthier group of individuals than Appalachian clog dancers but despite their claims I refuse to believe that any animal can exceed 40 pounds without the ability to bite a man's hand clean off.
And furthermore, don't catfish have stingers. Why aren't they talking about the awful stingers?
One guy got his arm tore up by a beaver. Wrong hole.

Anthropologists agree that ancient man usually picked up a club or sharp stick insted of sticking their hands into bank holes.
Based on the hogs these guys are hauling out on camera it seems the biggest risk is getting a hold of one that can keep a hilbilly down better than a hillbilly and his uncle can pull up.

They're big but "I threw some dynamite out there one time an come up with a hundred pounder."

The main thing I'm gathering is that "nobody likes a noodler."
No respect.

And forget what Snopes says about their photos. One of them is a dude in the movie and that fish is 100% USA Okie Channel Cat.


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