Monday, January 09, 2006

First we lose Cereal Adventure and now this.

The shame of it. It's just as well. Snoopy, as a character, was never about making sure kids had fun and funnel cakes. He's kind of a weird, self-absorbed dog.
You can figure out the challenge. I'll start us off:

Dick Tracy's Disfigured Sociopath Dayz.

If you're good we'll go to Ziggytown U.S.A! There's no indoor roller coaster but there's some nice benches to sit on.

Six Flags over Mary Worth


Anonymous Jonathan said...

This may be the time to come out and admit that I have just never liked peanuts all that much. They are supposed to be some incredibly sweet and poigniant commentary on childhood and the human condition, but...
nah. Maybe a little bit, but then Schultz did the same jokes over and over and over again, and lost it.
Calvin and Hobbes captured childhood much more perfectly than Peanuts ever did, and the little stabs at morality and religion via Linus pale in comparison before watching Johnny Hart slowly go full-on fundie in B.C.

8:44 AM  

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