Sunday, December 18, 2005

It has a stupid name to boot

Hey, this crap I found in the vacuum cleaner bag tastes bad!I would like to say that if you use Wikipedia you deserve what you get but in this case I'd be allowing a grave injustice. Who uses Wikipedia as a source? Unfortuantely the main Wikipedia audience is a lot of students who don't know any better. We don't deserve to raise a generation of High School kids who accept Intelligent Design because the open source solution allows it being posted on the Wikipedia page for Charles Darwin one review cycle every 24 hours.
I hope that the debacle this week gets the attention of teachers who will force secondary sourcing of all Internet research, especially if the largely unattributed Wikipedia is one of the sources. Excluding it from acceptable bibliography would be even better. That could create a classroom discussion of why it available but not authoritative.
A final note: this was headlined "Wikipedia science 31% more cronky than Britannica's " and the related stories are just as well captioned,"Linux zealots proud to be as miserable as planes." Thank you Register.


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