Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mystery Solved

Blasted inconsistencies! Why would a robot cough?

Movie Mistakes

"We see in the movie that Gen. Grievous is permanently coughing when he talks. The cause of this can be found in the last episode of the animated saga "Clone Wars". In that episode, Grievous kidnapped Palpatine and before leaving into space he was attacked by Mace Windu, who destroys part of his armor in the chest, making him cough for the first time."



Blogger Fares said...

So if I attack a robot it will cough?
Or is it only when a Jedi does it?
I heard the Clone Wars cartoon was pretty great. It seems he's a cyborg according to

Movie Mistakes is an odd site. Like it's unmodulated, so continuity issues sometimes give way to cranky critiques and facile misreading..

Gone With the Wind- A war between northern and southern states can be seen in the background.

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