Tuesday, May 31, 2005

To all the chicks I picked up by saying I was Deep Throat; sorry. I lied.

Nixon to update Enemies list, wait This editorial is from the paper that owns the story and now has to double time to catch up with Vanity Fair. It bemoans the end of the seventies, the eighties and the nineties in one long exhale. Nixon's flameout, Reagan's Morning in America, and the X-Files all in one package.
Now that Nixon's rise and fall has moved from the dinner table to the Smithsonian in my lifetime I hope we'll take a moment as a country and reflect on what one person did to change the course of our culture. That person could be Nixon or Felt. This editorial does hit it a few things about that change right on the head. For example, there is a now 24 hour industry devoted to tearing things down. Nihilsm TV with sports on the half hour.

I would not be suprised if Felt delivered Nixon to the jackals as institutional retribution for putting outsiders at the top of Director Hoover's agency. Motivation discounted, it was a push that swung America's Decade pendulum. It was also our most pants-down example of how concentrated and corrupt the power in our Capital was. I am afraid it will not happen again to show how concentrated power, with a quick glance around, is. If it did we'd probaly miss it in the noise. That is, unless John Stewart is the one to visit the parking garage this time.
I was kinda hoping for George H.W. Bush to be Deep Throat but then again I also lost five bucks betting on the Nigerian for Pope.


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