Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I missed it! Crap!

and these bands go on and on..on and on..on and on
Don't even bother clicking the link. Here's the heart breaker;
" The original Kings lineup has performed at this event 2 years in a row. Other bands included Jeff Healey, Goddo, and Honeymoon Suite."

Never heard of Goddo but otherwise, solid maple goodness.

The best part of the Kings' story?
"...after a few phone calls everybody said "YES!". ...After fifteen years the original lineup doing This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide! And the concert venue was near Zero's house! So the boys all got together at Zero's and then walked over to the gig"

I dream of a neighborhood where this is pretty close to Kim Mitchell's house.

Begin Canadian Rock meltdown.

appendix A: Honeymoon Suite did "I got a new girl now and she's a lot like youou a lot like youou"

appendix B: Red Rider did Lunatic Fringe and Don't Fight It (It'll do your Heart no Good)

appendix C:Kim Mitchell, you know "Might as Well Go For a Soda"


Blogger thekingsarehere said...

Hey, Zero here from The Kings, FYI The Kings are in Oakville Ont. Friday July 21, outdoor show corner of Lakeshore and Dunn 7:30-11:45pm. Original members Diamond, Zero and Sonny Keyes will be performing all the hits.....

9:52 AM  

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