Sunday, March 26, 2006


I have never truly understood Mr. Fares' visceral hatred of Wikipedia. I'm beginning to think that it's because I've only ever used Wikipedia to find out that for which most people have a common understanding, but with which I'm unfamiliar. For example, Scientology, Cold Fusion, or Emo.

And then I stumbled across this: Clauser and Horne's 1974 Bell test discussion page.

Now I understand Scott's reasoning. The setup is that Caroline Thompson wrote an article about the Bell test, and her viewpoint differs greatly from commonly accepted theory. Several people who believe the commonly accepted theory keep "fixing" her article, and she keeps "fixing" it back, and they use the discussion page to trade barbs.

For those who haven't encountered this sort of thing (and maybe I'm the last one) it's enlightening, entertaining, and very disheartening.


Blogger Fares said...

Now change the topic to "Whales are fish" and you hit my dispute head on. Nice find Jon.
Here's some fine crank letter writing from, ahem, "Wikipedians" and other open source mavens and their nemeses at the Reg. Wikipedia, imagines a world in which the population is so starved of information (books and libraries don't exist here, for example, nor do wise teachers), that every globbet of information that drips from a computer network must be applauded as an "information revolution"

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Blogger Fares said...

I fixed your link, BTW

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