Thursday, April 14, 2005

My life with the shrill, Bill cult

But I don't want any siding!!I haven't listened to Air America. When it was announced I was unhappy. If I am the reasonable lefty I get my info for completely neutral sources or at least the ones that are no further left than public radio. I didn't agree that educated, rational Dems were just suffering from a talkshow asshole gap.
I got a call last week or so. Was I familiar with AAR and whatever it's call sign and number is? I'd heard of it but never listened.
"Well, they are the last chance to defeat Rush Limbaugh and his right wing agenda." or words to that effect and a request for finanical support.
Rush Limbaugh? is he still alive?
"I'm sorry but I've never listened to the station. Have a good evening"
"Wait a minute Mr. Farez, Air America is working to ensure that George Bush and his fundamentalist backers don't push their blah blah blah can we count on you for pledge of $100.00?"
I just said I'd never listened to the station before and they want a pledge? That's pathetic. Shouldn't you be encouraging me to listen once or twice?
The Sierra Club and the ACLU lobby congess and change minds and do things to persuade folks in power. Who is the AAR influencing? Outraged democrats that don't like Garrison Keillor? That's a hard core group but please, call them first.


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