Thursday, January 06, 2005

Are you sure?

Mr Lileks holds forth a bit on the subject of finality in today's column.
"what harm can be caused by a few twinkling reminders of celebrations past?
None. Except that the holidays are over. Done. Finished. Finito. Kaput. Christmas has concluded. The trial period has expired. The cheese is furry and the lunch meat has gone green. The pay-per-view you requested is no longer available. The kernels have ceased their rapid popping. The champagne is as flat as a Saturday newspaper. How many ways can I say this? The pool is drained. The sequel is in turnaround. The redshirt has beamed to the planet's surface. There's a pinkish stripe on the margin of the receipt. Judge Judy has gathered her papers and stood up. IT'S DONE. Game over, man! Holiday-wise, it is an ex-parrot! Stick a fork in it! Fork a stick in it! TAKE THE LIGHTS DOWN!"

Good work, man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless I have been misinformed, today is the 12th day of Christmas. I only mind people who leave the lights up through, say February. After that, it becomes funny and inspiring to know that there are people who are bigger procrastinators than I am.


11:00 PM  
Blogger Fares said...

I like to then start referring to them as "party lights"

3:30 PM  

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