Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I see.

It's Greek for "two noculars" We thought we saw a bat in the back yard. We have some bats around and I've seen them before but today we weren't sure what was flitting around up there so I got the binoculars out. You may be aware that I own about fifteen pair of binoculars. Technically some of them are opera glasses. I picked up my primary binoculars at a garage sale two years ago for fifty cents since I had fourteen pairs that were all slightly broken in some way at the time. The former main pair is WWI vintage Zeiss but they are missing the crucial part that prevents the user from being gesto├čen im Auge. The new ones are just missing one of the rings around the front so it's easy on the eyes. They are pretty good optics in addition to having been a value and having the safety features.
Scanning for bats this evening I noticed that the big pine tree by the patio seems to be doing better since I cut down a bunch of grape vines that were climbing it. In fact, using the Baush and Lombs, I noticed that it has a disturbing number of heavy looking pine cones on it very high up. I worried about all of those cones. They're going to be all over the patio and I'll be tempted to do something about them which these days means putting them in the fireplace.
It wasn't a bat. I think it was a bird.


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